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What is our approach?

    • 24/7 Bot Trading: We use automated bots for continuous crypto trading.
    • Democratizing Strategies: Making advanced bot trading accessible to all.
    • Diverse Portfolio: Trading hundreds of cryptocurrencies based on trends.
  • Investor Representation: LakeSide Crypto coins as a pro-rata investment proxy.

Who is LakeSide Crypto?

At Lakeside we are reinventing the way global blockchain works for investors.

We ensure seamless integration and interoperability with all global platforms. Our tech team applies best practices to ensure our blockchain version is secure.

Our dedicated staff manage the technology, do testing, write code, and provide business continuity and backup so you never have to worry.

We have done all this so investors can invest, sit back and track the results.

How do I invest? INVEST

Investing is easy.

Just complete the contact form below ↓.
We will then send you detailed instructions.
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September 2013

Research Crypto Currencies

January 2014

Mining Servers Order for BTC

March 2014

Implement Mining equipment and started mining BTC

April 2014

GPU Mining equipment setup

November 2017

Created first alpha version trading bot

May 2018

Optimize bot programs and strategy

January 2021

Extended bot strategy and create family trading accounts

March 2021

Work with Elite Fusion Inc. to establish the LakeSide Crypto strategy

November 2021

Create Smart Contracts for private investment tokens LSCPF

January 2022

Extend investment opportunity to friends of friends

February 2022

Implement automation to allow purchase of Tokens online

June 2022

Expand into NFT investments

July 2022

Enhance Token dashboards to allow for client active stats

Frequently asked questions FAQS

If you have any other questions not covered below, please get in touch using the contact form below.

- the LakeSide Crypto dashboard shows all completed transactions for the fund and calculates the profits and LakeSide coin price in real time - fully transparent
- also the LakeSide coins in your MetaMask wallet are your 'proof of ownership'

Each client will be provided with a referral code that will allow the tracking of your personal referrals. The referral rewards will be added to your account via new tokens that are sent to your MetaMask wallet.

- own a portion of a Crypto Currency investment fund via LakeSide coins
- leverage sophisticated automated trading strategies that only large firms can afford
- fully transparent reporting via LakeSide dashboard
- you hold your LakeSide coins in your own MetaMask wallet
- incentives to those who refer investors (ongoing % of their profit)

The fund strategy is designed for you to hold your investment in the fund for a minimum of 1 year, however you can always withdraw funds by informing LakeSide Crypto of your request. Depending on the fund, there maybe a 5% early redemption fee to process any withdrawals before your 1 year anniversary.

1. Good Faith. The Parties agree that the Services are provided in good faith and LakeSide Crypto wishes to help facilitate access to the Services for the benefit of the Person.

2. No Advice. The Person understands and agrees that LakeSide Crypt are not professional advisors and offer the Services on a friends and family basis only. The Person further acknowledges that no statements or discussions made as part of the Services or related activities should be construed as individual investment or tax reporting advice. Further the Person understands and agrees that the Services are provided as is where is and accepts all risks associated with entering into this agreement. The Service Providers hereby notify the Person that he or she should seek any legal, financial, accounting and/or tax advice as appropriate based on the Person’s particular circumstances.

3. Recognition of Risks. By investing in LakeSide Crypto the Person fully acknowledges that he, she or they understands and accepts these all, and understands that no returns are guaranteed. Risks may include, but are not limited to, crypto currency exchange cyber attacks, breaches, bankruptcy; crypto currency stability, viability; laws and regulations that may impact any or all crypto currencies and/or related exchanges or venues; privacy breaches etc.

4. No Liability. In recognition of sections 2 and 3 above, the Person agrees that LakeSide Crypto and any related party including Advisors shall assume no liability whatsoever for any losses arising from the Services or any and all risks associated with the Services and further the Person agrees he or she will make no claim against LakeSide Crypto and any related party including Advisors should there be any losses or for any other reason.

5. Voluntary Withdrawal (Partial or Full) of the Person. The Person acknowledges that there are many buy and sell trades that happen continuously and simultaneously across many different crypto currencies and that withdrawals can and will impact the trades in flight. Notwithstanding, the Person may deposit or withdraw a part or all of the value of his or her funds however agrees to provide Lakeside Crypt with suitable notice to unwind any trades in flight for any withdrawals and/or apply the Services for any deposits.

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